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Payment Processors

Perfect Money

Payment processors are a fundamental part of the online investment, HYIP, e-currency and auto surf industry's as they are required when sending and receiving payments from programs.  E-currency, or digital currency, is a stored value and payment system, usually account-based, that allows users to store funds (such as Euro, USD, Yen, etc., and metals such as gold, silver, etc., or anything else of value for that matter).

Perfect Money (http://www.perfectmoney.is) is an instant online payment gateway offering a multitude of Internet money transfer and e-commerce payment systems with the additional advantages of secured and instant online money transfer. Using the Perfect Money system, the customer has a convenient and easy-to-use tool to make person-to-person and person-to-bank payments. In just minutes, you can send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe!. For more information please visit the Perfect Money website: http://www.perfectmoney.is.

Working with Perfect Money

Register Perfect Money account
Register at
http://perfectmoney.is/. In the registration process you will need to fill out several fields and agree to the terms of system use. It is recommend to enter your password through an electronic keyboard to avoid interception by viral programs. It is necessary to put in your real data, as you might need it in case of losing your account password. To restore access, you will probably need to prove your identity.

 Fund your Perfect Money purse.
Place the needed amount on your account using one of Perfect Money
exchange service providers
You can fund your Perfect Money account by Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Cash Deposit, MoneyGram, Western Union and other payment methods.




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